The company “Obsis – Art” is specialized in production of exclusive artistic handicrafts, business souvenirs and office supplies.      Materials we use are as follows: obsidian, agate, onyx, jasper and other decorative and semi-precious stones, in combination with artistic casting, precious and base metals. On our products there can be applied brandings, any image or inscription upon the customer’s request  by vacuum deposition of titanium nitride, gold and silver colors, as well as an enamel of any color.

  • Decorative elements for the interior;
  • Figures and statuettes;
  • Wall and table clocks;
  • Lighters and ashtrays;
  • Writing sets;
  • Caskets;
  • Door and furniture handles;
  • Vases and flower pots;
  • Table lamps and candlesticks.