Volcanoes spewed lava for thousands of years. It cooled down, became solid, and covered the earth with stone armor. Armenia is a country of stones, but stones are not simple or ordinary ones here, they are special and sacred stones, as many of them came from the Biblical Mount Ararat, where Noah found his shelter during the Flood. In general, we use the obsidian in our work. Armenian obsidian is of the highest quality, that is why it is very suitable for manufacture of jewelry and decorative items.

  •    Decorative elements for the interior;
  •    Decorative figures and statuettes;
  •    Wall and table clocks;
  •    Lighters and ashtrays;
  •    Writing sets;
  •    Caskets;
  •    Door and furniture handles;
  •    Picture frames;
  •    Perfume bottles;
  •    Vases and flower pots;
  •    Jewelry and bijouterie;
  •    Candlesticks and table lamps.

 Obsidian is a volcanic glass. Its hardness is 5-5.5, and density – 2.5-2.6. Armenian obsidian has got black, grey, silver-grey, brown, brownish and red shades of color. It can be of two or three colors simultaneously, transparent, semitransparent and obscure (dark). Photos of the Armenian obsidian are seldom homogeneous, in most cases they are spotted, striped, squirted, plumy and flaky. One can rarely meet obsidian of bluish-grey or pink-purple colors.
The origin of the name of the stone is Greek one – from the word “obsis”: vision, sight.
Since time immemorial the magical stone was used by mages, for the concentration of their power and victory over the astral elementals, in real life it protects against any unworthy deeds and commission of sins.
It is a gem – savior, a stone of caution, protecting against fatal love. It brings professional good luck and success in difficult trials, on exams, in gambling, helps to preserve the peace of mind, love and good family relationships. It has the ability to revive the man’s strength, increase potency, to deliver of the anxiety and loneliness, to protect against curses and effects of evil spells.
It can be put under the pillow, cause prophetic thoughts. It clears all that has low vibration. Obsidian is overly recommended to emotional people, as well as to those, having poor concentration. Obsidian can increase your income, get rid of the illness and become a symbol of personal excellence.
In ancient times obsidian was preserved at magicians, healers, astrologers, warriors, priests, and etc… For centuries they have valued, studied and taught the powerful features, attributed to this stone.  It was used during ceremonies, rituals and charms to enhance someone’s aura, or in combination with other items, herbs and talismans, it helped to identify one’s desires and certain natural influences. Obsidian is suitable for all zodiac signs, especially for Scorpio.
Since ancient times, Armenian jewelers have the secrets of processing and polishing this fine stone.
Seeing this unique and mysterious stone once, one will fall in love with it forever.
Don’t miss the opportunity to become the owner of the magical stone, which was probably held in the hands of Noah or just touched his feet.